P&L Financial DD - Part 6 - Quality of Earning

This course only includes the Part 6 of the Complete P&L Financial Due Diligence Course.

This course includes all the videos and text included in the Part 6, however, it does not include the Excel FDD Financial Model.

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Auditors aspiring to work in Transaction Services, Financial analysts, CFO, Business analysts, FP&A managers, M&A consultants professionals, aspiring consultants.


Meet your teacher, Pierre Alexandre

Pierre has graduated from ESSEC, one of the top business schools worldwide, with a specialty in finance. Pierre has over 8 years of experience in financial analysis, gained as a Private Equity Associate, a PwC consultant in Transaction Services and as investment & M&A director at HoriZen Capital

Pierre is also one of the top financial model authors on Eloquens where his templates are bought and used by several hundreds of finance professionals.

Pierre regularly writes articles about finance, Due Diligence and Investment. You can read some of his articles on Techcrunch, Toptal or on his Medium page.

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FDD course Part 6 - Quality of Earnings section

Quality of Earnings section of the Financial Due Diligence framework course

Quality of earnings section of the Financial Due Diligence - P&L course.

To learn how to approach Quality of earnings in the context of a M&A deal a review some of the most common quality of earnings points that you can encounter while performing a Quality of earnings.

This will help you understand the logic of QofE adjustments which can have a significant effect on the price of a transaction, especially when the deal is based on a high EBITDA multiple.