Section 1 - Welcome to the Course & files to download

Welcome to the Financial Due Diligence - P&L financial analysis course!

In this first section you can download two files

1 - The pdf version of the powerpoint used for the first part of this course

2 - The Excel support file including all the analyses and charts that we will walk you through during the rest of this course

Hi, I’m Pierre-Alexandre Heurtebize, the creator of this course.

First and foremost, I want to welcome you all and thank you for your trust in this material. I’m constantly working to improve and fine tune that content to make it the best out there, so please feel free to share any feedback that you have directly with me!

I’ve learnt a lot about deep financial analysis throughout my career in Private equity and M&A Transaction Service with one of the Big 4 and I have always loved structuring and sharing that knowledge with anyone interested in this field. This course is the result of years of experience and several dozen of Transactions combined in a few hours of pedagogical material. And I really hope that you’ll enjoy it.

This course is broken down in several sections and each section is divided in videos with a 5 to 10min duration on average.

The first section is about giving you an overview of the context of what is a Due Diligence, when it is needed and by who, and to offer you some details on how a Big 4 consultant prepares and execute a financial due diligence.

If you are looking to get a job in Transaction Services, I believe this will be a good material for you both to prepare for your interview and to get a better idea of how Transaction Services work.

If your goal is to get down to financial analysis right away, I suggest to download the Excel template attached to this section and to skip Part 1 of this course altogether.

From Part 2 onward, each video will focus on a specific type of analysis and will aim at making you understand how to perform such analysis, why we perform it, and give you analytical keys to draw relevant conclusions about the company under review.

All analyses presented in this course are included in the Financial Due Diligence Excel template that I’ve created for the purpose of this course and which is currently used by active finance professionals to do their job more efficiently. Spend time understanding the excel formulas, the presentation, get used to the formatting, play around with the numbers and the chart. You will see that Financial Due Diligence analysis is more about structure than complicated formulas!

So again, thanks a lot for being here, and I truly hope you’ll finish this course being a more capable and more confident finance professional!

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